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This Web Page is under construction.
You can visit my BLOG.
Don't you just hate it when people put their pages up on the 'net and they're not really finished?

Sorry. But I do want to let you all know that it was my 30th birthday on September 12 (you know - the day AFTER!) and I had a huge number of friends and family celebrating with me on Friday the 20th of September. Thanks a million for coming along to my party, your photos will be put up on my web soon (he he he).

I still have a wish list as none of you got me what I really wanted (ie top 2) which you can check out at "My Wish List" the only link on the left that works.

Love you all, hope you still love me after the photos are developed :)
Thankyou for visiting.


And feel free to drop me an email. EMAIL ESTHER
Oh, please check out the Adelaide University Film Society's home page.

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