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Welcome to my wish list. This was originally put up for my birthday, but I decided that I'd leave it here for mum and any other kind soul who would like to give me a present and doesn't know what to get. As stated, it is just a wish list, so don't be intimidated :).

World Peace

Julian McMahon (and he's got to jump out of a cake)

The book "Self Matters" by Dr Phil McGraw (not sure on spelling)

Money to go towards my educational expenditure (and I use the term "educational" in its broadest possible sense)

DVDs of movies you have liked (because all my friends have good taste!)

Any books on investing

Those tiny books by Noel Whittiaker about shares and stuff approx $9 at Target - I already have the one on Superannuation and the one on Loans.

Any books on web page design

The autobiography of Steve Strange called "Blitzed"


And feel free to drop me an email. EMAIL ESTHER
Oh, please check out the Adelaide University Film Society's home page.

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